15 Dental Clinics Found in Bronx

Bronx Community Health Network, Inc.

Bronx Community Health Network, Inc. FREE

  • 1 Fordham Plz # 1108
    Bronx, NY - 10458
  • (718) 933-2400
  • Free Dental Clinic
Bronx-Lebanon Integrated Services System

Bronx-Lebanon Integrated Services System FREE

  • 1650 Selwyn Ave #11th
    Bronx, NY - 10457
  • (718) 466-8163
  • Free Dental Clinic
Poe Medical And Dental Center

Poe Medical And Dental Center FREE

  • 2432 Grand Concourse
    Bronx, NY - 10458
  • (718) 579-7337
  • Free Dental Clinic
Comprehensive Health Care Center

Comprehensive Health Care Center FREE

  • 305 East 161st Street
    Bronx, NY - 10451
  • (718) 579-2500
  • Free Dental Clinic
Walton Family Health Center and Center for Counseling

Walton Family Health Center and Center for Counseling FREE

  • 1894 Walton Avenue
    Bronx, NY - 10453
  • (718) 583-2700
  • Free Dental Clinic
Via Verde Family Practice

Via Verde Family Practice FREE

  • 730 Brook Avenue
    Bronx, NY - 10455
  • (718) 484-1247
  • Free Dental Clinic
POTS Part of the Solution Dental Clinic

POTS Part of the Solution Dental Clinic FREE

  • 2759 Webster Ave.
    Bronx, NY - 10458
  • (718) 220-4892
  • Free Dental Clinic
Comprehensive Family Care Center

Comprehensive Family Care Center FREE

  • 1621 Eastchester Road
    Bronx, NY - 10461
  • (718) 405-8040
  • Free Dental Clinic
Castle Hill Family Practice

Castle Hill Family Practice FREE

  • 2175 Westchester Avenue
    Bronx, NY - 10462
  • (718) 829-6770
  • Free Dental Clinic
University Avenue Family Practice

University Avenue Family Practice FREE

  • 105 West 188th Street
    Bronx, NY - 10468
  • (718) 563-0757
  • Free Dental Clinic

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How to Find a Dental clinic near me?

    Finding a dental clinic near you is easy and convenient, since US DentalService has lots of neighborhood locations close to you. For example, if you live in Columbus, Ohio, you can use our location function to search for the dental clinics near you, or you can enter into Dental Clinics in Columbus page to select a dental clinic.

  • 2. Who's entitled to free dental care?

    1 ) aged under 18, or under 19 and in qualifying full-time education.
    2 ) pregnant or have had a baby in the previous 12 months.
    3 ) staying in an NHS hospital and your treatment is carried out by the hospital dentist.

  • 3. Do dental schools offer free dental care?

    Free or reduced dental care is available from several organizations. Many universities and dental schools offer services provided by dental students. Many clinics receive federal or state subsidies or funding to provide reduced cost dental services to low income patients.

  • 4. What are general dental services?

    A general dental service is your primary dental care provider. This service diagnoses, treats, and manages your overall oral health care needs, including teeth care, gum care, root canals, implants, fillings, crowns, veneers, bridges, and preventive education.

  • 5. What is considered a dental emergency?

    Dental emergencies are usually urgent fractures and infections when you have pain, sudden sensitivity to sweets or hot or cold drinks including pulpitis, abscesses, cellulitis, pericoronitis, and broken, loose or missing teeth. And inflammation or infection of the pulp, or nerve of the tooth, is called pulpitis. In this case, you should go to see an emergency dentist.

  • 6. How much does it cost for cosmetic dentistry?

    Generally speaking, in-office cosmetic dentistry costs around $350, and at-home cosmetic dentistry may also be an option which is generally cheaper—often around $250. It is important to mention that at-home treatment takes more time to complete, and requires discipline on the part of the patient.

  • 7. What is the difference between a dentist and a pediatric dentist?

    Generally speaking, a dentist is a doctor of oral health care, and if you want to be a qualified general dentist, you are required to graduate from a three or more years of undergraduate education plus four years of dental school. While pediatric dentists are the pediatricians of dentistry.

  • 8. Where can I find local free dental clinics?

    For example, if you live in Chicago, go to your city page to browse a list of dental clinics in Chicago, and find those ones with Free marks. Or you can contact your local, state dental organizations. They often have lists of free clinics or programs in which their members participate.

  • 9. What is the dental schools ranking?

    Here are the top 10 dental schools in 2019:
    1 ) Louisiana State University New Orleans School of Dentistry
    2 ) University of California Los Angeles School of Dentistry
    3 ) University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill School of Dentistry
    4 ) University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry
    5 ) Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry
    6 ) Tufts University School of Dental Medicine
    7 ) Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center School of Dental and Oral Surgery
    8 ) Harvard School of Dental Medicine
    9 ) Marquette University School of Dentistry
    10 ) Medical University of South Carolina College of Dental Medicine

  • 10. What can dental service do for me?

    1 ) give you professional oral advice which is specific to your oral health conditions, including techniques in using dental floss, methods in cleaning a dental bridge, dietary advice, and so on;
    2 ) provide preventive treatment such as scaling or application of fissure sealant to help prevent common dental disease;
    3 ) give early diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases such as tooth decay and gum disease at the initial stage;
    4 ) provide a thorough dental check-up, which is necessary for the maintenance of oral health.